Browsing Through Coats of Arms

Although we engrave more family crests than coats of arms on our signet rings at Signets and Cyphers, we do sometimes have the pleasure of engraving a magnificent coat of arms on a signet ring.

This morning I had a browse on the College of Arms website as you can always find some fascinating coats of arms – with fabulous painted artwork.  I found this one…..the Arms granted to Sir George Martin in 2004:

The bird at the top is (of course) a Martin and it has a recorder tucked underneath its wing.  I wonder why there are only three beetles on the shield?  That is a question a Beatles enthusiast might be able to answer?  If you know your Latin, then you might be able to translate the motto – and if you know your Beatles songs then you will recognise it!  The motto is All You Need is Love, or Love Alone is Needed.  Now that’s lovely.





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